Rhododendron – A Darling in the Franxx Review


By Noah Johnson

Studio Trigger announced three new projects at Anime Expo 2017. Promare, the next tantalizing collaboration between director Hiroyuki Imaishi and writer Kazuki Nakashima, SSSS.Gridman, an anime adaptation of the Gridman the Hyper Agent tokusatsu series (Known as Super Samurai Syber-Squad in the States), and Darling in the Franxx a coproduction between studio trigger and anime studio A1 Pictures. Of the three, Darling in the Franxx garnered perhaps the most intrigue around the nature of its production. Both studios have established very different reputations amongst the anime community.

Trigger is seen as carrying on the spirit of studio Gainax and the audacious maverick style of directors like Imaishi. The hype around their breakout hit, Kill La Kill, had many proclaiming the studio emerged to “Save Anime”.