The Best Anime Convention in Ohio? Matsuricon


Matsuricon is nearly here and we can’t wait. It might not be the largest anime convention of the year or even the most well known. That’s one of the many reasons it’s possibly the best anime convention in the state of Ohio. From an astounding selection of voice actors to charity auctions. It does so many things right that it is hard to not notice how well run the convention is.

Matsuricon is an anime convention held at the Hyatt Regency Columbus and the Columbus Convention Center. Over the years it has slowly grown in size to a little over 6500 according to their web page. We have been able to attend for the last five years and each year we are always counting the down the days till the next one. With the guest list that they have conjured up from previous conventions, we are sure they will continue to grow. It’s always been referred to as a smaller version of OhayoconAlthough the only real connection between the two conventions is that they both happen in the same place. Other than the location, they are nothing alike. Ohayocon is just larger and has a totally different vibe to it than Matsuricon does.