Top 10 Real-Life Locations In Anime 

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Japan is famous for many things. However, two of these are anime and attractive places to visit. So why not combine the two of them? Yes, today, we will talk about some real-life locations in anime. 

These locations have become sites of “anime pilgrimage.” They are a must-see for anime fans who are visiting Japan. Since anime landscapes are breathtaking in animation, they look even more beautiful in real life. 

So, we have picked the top 10 Real-Life Locations in Anime for you guys. Let’s jump into it. 

10. Saitama’s apartment, Setagaya – One Punch Man 

One Punch Man is an action-comedy anime. It revolves around Saitama, a hero who helps people for sheer joy and can destroy his foes with a single punch. Hence, he is named One Punch Man. He is so powerful that he longs for an enemy to give him competition. 

In the anime, Saitama lives in an apartment that looks very grounded and realistic. That’s because it actually exists. The building that served as the inspiration for the anime is still standing. It lies in the Setagaya area of Tokyo, near Meiji University. 

The location has been replicated in the anime very accurately. You should definitely check this place out when you’re in Tokyo. 

9. Chichibu Bridge – Anohana 

Anohana is a fantasy slice of life anime. When the ghost of one of their dead friends comes and demands that they grant her final wish, five childhood pals reconnect. 

It is situated in the city of Chichibu, as the name suggests. The bridge is only a 12-minute walk from Onohara Station’s west end. It will be an extraordinary and unique place for you to visit. 

Anohana is really a magical anime. If you visit this place after watching this anime, it’ll be really memorable for you. The anime adds depth to the background of the trees, making it a unique scene. 

8. My Neighbour Totoro – Satsuki and Mei’s House 

My Neighbor Totoro is one of those anime that even non-anime fans have watched. It is a Studio Ghibli movie. In this movie, daughters relocate to the country to be closer to their ill mother. Here, they encounter the amazing forest spirits who reside nearby. 

The house where Satsuki and Mei reside in My Neighbour Totoro is a real-life location. It is located in Nagakute, a city in Aichi Prefecture. However, unlike some other sites on this list, this was actually built after the movie was released. 

The house was created for the Aichi Expo Memorial Park in 2005 and is still a popular attraction today. Every single aspect of this house is crafted with care and attention to detail. 

7. Kichijoji – Tokyo Ghoul 

Tokyo Ghoul is one of the most popular anime. In this anime, human flesh-eating ghouls coexist with humans. One of these ghouls attacks a human boy named Kaneki, who becomes a hybrid ghoul. Now he must balance his life as a ghoul and as a human. 

Kichijōji is a neighborhood in the city of Musashino in Tokyo. It is very compact and is featured in many scenes of Tokyo Ghoul. 

The creators of Tokyo Ghoul have managed to capture everything about this location to near perfection. However, if you visit the place, you’ll find it more crowded than shown in the anime. Nevertheless, it is a very aesthetically unique place to visit during your stay in Tokyo. 

6.  Yakushima – Princess Mononoke 

Princess Mononoke is a fantasy anime movie. It was written and directed by Hayao Miyazaki. This movie’s story revolves around Ashitaka, a young Emishi prince, and his involvement in a battle between the gods of a forest and the humans who exploit its resources. 

Princess Mononoke’s beautiful storyline is only alleviated by its beautiful scenery. All that scenery is inspired by a real-life location called Yakushima. It is an island situated in the Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan. 

This entire island is filled with ancient Japanese cedar trees that are more than 1000 years old. It is one of the most beautiful natural places on this list. Watch out for the tree spirits (Kodama), though; they might be hidden in the bushes. 

5. Dōgo Onsen, Matsuyama – Spirited Away 

Spirited Away is another movie by Ghibli Studios on this list. It revolves around A moody 10-year-old girl who stumbles into a world ruled by gods, witches, and spirits, and here her parents are transformed into animals. 

Most of the anime takes place inside or around the Bath House. A real-life building inspired that Bath House. Situated in Shikoku, this place is called Dogo Onsen Honkan. It is also referred to as the emperor’s bathhouse. This bathhouse was built in 1894. So it is a historical place as well. 

It is primarily famous due to its affiliation with Spirited Away nowadays. So it is usually very crowded and full of people. Moreover, the staff is quite friendly, and they’ll provide you with a tour of this building. 

4.  Asakusa, Tokyo – Demon Slayer 

Demon Slayer is becoming more popular every day. In this anime, a family is invaded by demons. Only Tanjiro and his sister Nezuko escape, slowly turning into a demon. Tanjiro becomes a demon slayer to avenge his family and heal his sister. 

The streets of Asakusa are very well-known by fans of Demon Slayer. Asakusa is the place where Tanjiro meets Muzan Kibutsuji. This street is situated in Tokyo and offers many things to tourists. 

Even if you’re not a fan of Demon Slayer, you will still enjoy this beautiful street. Highlights of this street include Kaminarimon, with its very enormous red lighting, the Tokyo Sky Tree, and Hanayashiki, one of Japan’s oldest amusement parks. 

3. Hibiya Park – Death Note 

Death Note is one anime that almost every anime fan has seen. The story of this anime revolves around Light Yagami, who obtains a Death Note. He can write anyone’s name in the note, and that person will die. However, these mysterious killings have alerted a renowned detective known as L. 

Hibiya Park is shown in the anime when Naomi and Light go for a walk. This park is quite beautiful to see, especially during spring. The park is in eastern Tokyo, near the Imperial Palace. 

Make sure to visit this beautiful park whenever you’re roaming around Tokyo. It is also the first western park that was built in Tokyo. 

2. Nozomi Slope, Toshima City – Weathering With You 

Weathering with you is a romantic drama movie. It revolves around a high school guy who has fled to Tokyo befriends a girl who appears to control the weather. 

Although real-life locations inspired many of the landscapes featured in Weathering With You, Nozomi Slope is one of the most accurately depicted ones. You’ll be surprised when you see how precisely the animators have drawn this place. 

Nozomi Slope is located in Toshima, Tokyo. It is near the Zoshigaya Station. 

1. Suga Shrine Steps, Yotsuya – Your Name 

Your Name is also a romance drama anime. It is very popular due to its beautiful art style and unique storyline. In this anime, two teenagers learn they are swapping bodies, so they form a solid and magical bond. When they decide to meet in person, things become even more difficult. 

The most famous scene of this movie is when the two main characters meet at Suga Shrine Steps. These steps are located in Yotsuya in Tokyo. They are part of the famous Suga Shrine. 

It has become a famous attraction, especially for couples who like to recreate the scene from the movie.  

These are just some of the places that you could visit while in Japan. Which locations would you like to visit or have you been to before? Let us know in the comments.


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