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      Anime-Conventions-LogoYou might be wondering if conventions would be a good choice to invest your time on. Whether it is an afternoon or the whole weekend, the answer is the same. Yes! Yes! Yes! There is no other answer I could give to you. Conventions are what you should be doing.

       From young to old there is usually something for everyone at conventions. Now I will say that not all conventions are the same. You have conventions for all different things but I am only focusing on comic and anime/japanese conventions. Both are good for all ages and there will be a lot to see at both from artists to actors the list can go on. You would be amazed at what you will get to participate in and encounter in an afternoon or weekend.

       Anime/japanese conventions so far, in my mind,have been the most fun. Not saying that the comic conventions aren’t fun but the feel I get from each is different. You tend to have more panels and other events ran by fans rather than big name stars. Though the actors and writers are very entertaining and give a good insight into their madness, the fan ran events are even crazier.

       No matter which one you go to, big or small, you will enjoy it. Keep your eyes open or you might miss something. You might even start to make going to them an annual event for you and or the family. Go out and adventure the wonderful world of conventions.

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